American Teacher Gene

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American Teacher Gene

My name is Gene W. I have been an educator for over 30 years. The last 16 years I have specifically been teaching people the English language. I have personally learned techniques that have proven very effective to help ones learn how to read, write, and speak, the English language correctly.

I have been a member of a school for almost 40 years where no one ever graduates. It is meant to help anyone enrolled to improve their language skills and to help ones become better public speakers.

I have also attended an “accelerated teaching methods” class, ATM, known as the Harry Cotton course. I attended this school in April of 2014. Several methods of learning languages have been studied, and scientists have confirmed various ideas, that help people to learn languages more quickly. These methods are meant to touch the area of the brain that are associated with memory. And since most languages learned are memory-based it is important to teach these languages in such a way that the memory is affected- through activity and conversation.

I enjoy teaching languages. At present, I am qualified to teach English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. My goal is to help people become grounded in either of the above languages by regular conversation. In my opinion, conversation should be the primary goal, especially at first, for anyone desiring to learn another language. Grammar is learned naturally through conversation and can also be learned by studying books on grammar at a later time.

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