ESL Teacher Victoria from NY

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ESL Teacher Victoria from NY

My name is Victoria Camera I am so excited to teach with Talkilla! I grew up in New York City, where there are countless things to learn. I have learned architecture, photography, construction, how to play piano, and have always excelled at the top of my class in English. I have 5 years’ teaching experience in both one-on-one and group settings with a full-time volunteer Bible educational work, and I am certified with three TESOL certifications in English, Tutoring, and Public Speaking.

I view learning as an adventure. Learning excites me, and I love to bring that enthusiasm to my students in my classes! Successful TESOL methodologies include whole-brain, whole-body techniques, which enable the student to retain what they have learned immediately. Powerful tools to aid with this technique are art and music, so I incorporate these in my classes. While this makes the class fun, its primary purpose is that it maximizes learning and speed of progress. Vocabulary expansion, grammar reinforcement, and conversation building are target goals for my students. I teach them to excel in these areas and thus attain fluency.

Learning is something that should never end, and so I have not stopped learning either! In addition to English, I also speak Italian. However, there are many other languages and cultures that I have studied and am learning, such as Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese. Traveling is one of my greatest hobbies, and I have come to see deep in my heart that diversity is one of the most beautiful aspects of the human family. My goal with my students is not simply to teach them English, but to cultivate in them an appreciation and appetite for endless learning that will lead them to greater successes in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start learning together!

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