Teacher Farah

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Teacher Farah

Talkilla, the new model of learning English online with a native Teacher, is now transforming the world of Education. And I have the privilege of being part of this revolution.

Up to now, quality education has been the privilege of the few, accessibility restricted to the fortunate. Yet, for students, quality education can now be accessed at a click, and for Teachers, lessons delivered from the comfort of your home. Anyone with an internet access can enjoy the effectiveness of our highly customized lessons. Both students and parents marvel at these innovative teaching techniques which seem to bring the right level of progress in even the most inhibited type of students. I have not been working with Talkilla for long, but I hear from dozens of parents about how grateful they are for this innovative type of education.

Why is there an increasing demand for online learning? Who hasn’t witnessed those episodes where students who lacked top educational pedigree obtain perfect scores in demanding online courses? This sent a clear signal that the world was not only willing but ready for a change. Based on statistics, it appears that students get more excited about learning when they are in their natural environment and in company of their favorite online Teacher. Talkilla provides an amazing virtual learning interface to both Teachers and Students. Whilst lesson preparation and time management are expected from all those working for Talkilla with a teaching role, experienced Teachers will find an extremely rewarding and tantalizing experience working for Talkilla.

So if you have the ability to direct a conversation and blend your set of skills with technological competency, then success is just a click away !

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