Teacher Daniel

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Teacher Daniel

Daniel Gallagher is a TEFL certified English instructor from North Carolina, U.S.A.  He has been with the Talkilla team since November, 2014.  He loves to travel around the world, learning and experiencing new languages and cultures.  His goal is to never stop experiencing new things!

English education poses many unique challenges for teachers and students alike.  Talkilla alleviates these challenges by offering a variety of useful tools and resources that teachers can use to give the best education, catering to the needs of each individual student.  They actively encourage teachers to take an interest in their students beyond the lessons.  In this unique and flexible environment, I have become personally connected to each of my students, invested in their lives and their education.  Learning about students’ hobbies and interests keeps every lesson engaging and exciting, for both me and the students.  It is clear to me that Talkilla’s number one priority is providing the best education for students in a comfortable environment.  I am confident that the combination of the relaxed atmosphere, the useful resources, and the caring professionals provides students with the best learning experience possible.  I feel so lucky and appreciative to have the opportunity to be part of the Talkilla team.

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