Teacher Ray

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Teacher Ray

Ray Ansah is a TESOL certified  teacher from Massachusetts, USA and  has been teaching with Talkilla since the month of September, 2014 from wherever he travels. He believes that, “If you TRY, you CAN do anything!”

See what Ray thinks about Talkilla:

As educators, we have many demands, pressures, and expectations exerted upon us. Talkilla understands this, and creates an environment where putting students first and making them a priority means genuinely getting to know them, their strengths, interests, passions, aspirations, frustrations, backgrounds, and areas for growth. This allows me, as a teacher,  to act upon this knowledge in planning for instruction and engaging students in learning. This transcends the content of any manual or basil reader. The one-on-one student-centered focused objectives make it possible to take the time to acknowledge achievements, praise them, and also contact parents to share.  The learning environment is saturated with relationship building opportunities, as both parties can take off their  “school caps” and engage on a more productive level. This is why I love being a part of the Talkilla team.


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