Testimonial – Teacher Ray

Ray Ansah is a TESOL certified  teacher from Massachusetts, USA and  has been teaching with Talkilla since the month of September, 2014 from wherever he travels. He believes that, “If you TRY, you CAN do anything!”

See what Ray thinks about Talkilla:

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Testimonial – Teacher Barbara

Barbara Burgess is a TESOL certified Canadian teacher, who has a BA Honours degree in English literature from McGill University. She taught English at a private English language institute in Vancouver for five years. She has been teaching at Talkilla since June 2012. She is also a published author and copyeditor.

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Testimonial – Teacher Daniel

Daniel Gallagher is a TEFL certified English instructor from North Carolina, U.S.A.  He has been with the Talkilla team since November, 2014.  He loves to travel around the world, learning and experiencing new languages and cultures.  His goal is to never stop experiencing new things!

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